As part of the Leadership Freedom process, our company offers assessment training, consulting and coaching. Our proven programs are designed to help your organization's leaders to:

  • Gain clarity about what it means to lead
  • Master skills that get results
  • Learn to motivate and inspire others
  • Develop Emotional Intelligence (EI)
  • Match talents to roles
  • Hire more effectively
  • Coach and mentor to develop bench strength

The Leadership Freedom assessment process includes behavioral and 360 degree multi-rater assessments. Using these results, we facilitate a process so that each individual has a personal development plan based on his or her unique talents, strengths and struggles.

Mutual support is also part of our process. We involve the team and leaders in informal feedback and formal quarterly progress discussions. In addition, our leadership team offers leadership and development workshops, coaching, mentoring and ongoing accountability for the organization and its leaders.

Leadership and team development workshops

You can select from a variety of workshops, including:

  • Release and Align the Team - Build trust and cohesion
  • Free the Leaders - Leadership 360 feedback, best practices and development plan
  • Break the 'Nice' Eggshell - Embrace creative conflict
  • Coach to Free Others - Learn to be a Coaching Leader (Two to six sessions)
  • Stop Emotional Derailers - Lead with Emotional Intelligence (EI)
  • Liberate Talents - Manage uniquely by recognizing differences
  • Find Career Freedom - Discover your unique design to guide your way
  • Stay Free - Quarterly progress review to keep the momentum
  • Release and Align a Virtual Team - Team workshop offered via Internet or video conference

Leadership Consulting

Besides our workshops, we also offer two other consulting services:

  • Select the Right Talents- Consulting for hiring
  • Succession Planning - Choosing the next senior leader or developing a pipeline process to develop emerging leaders

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